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Avid Technology is an American technology and multimedia company based in Burlington, Massachusetts and founded in August 1987 by Bill Warner. It specialises in audio and video; specifically, digital non-linear editing (NLE) systems, video editing software, audio editing software, music notation software, management and distribution services.

Linus F shared in a review "I've never known a more universally hated company than Avid (leaving lower-case so this stupid computer doesn't censor it). I've been using their softwear (pro tools) and been in the biz for almost 10 years, and I can tell you that I've never heard so much ish-talking about a company from users of its products. Simply put, Avid is a predatory. There's just no other way to interpret their actions. They penalize their customers for not renewing their subscriptions on-time. They are impossible to reach. Their support is truly useless. God I wish I wish an honorable team was running that company. But I suppose that's too much to ask of this pathetic world. Avid, get it together. Listen to your customers. They all hate you. Why on Earth would you be OK with that?


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"AVID revolutionized the industry-but that was 30 years ago! They are no longer innovating and don’t have much to offer the video community any longer. Upper management is so bloated and consistently get in the way of daily business. In order to “stay” profitable, all they do is layoffs-but never lay off any senior management. Sad to see a once giant falling so quickly."

Former Employee - Director of Sales says

"Upper management has no idea what is really happening in the field. Lack of communication and distrust. Avid stopped innovating several years ago but still believes it is at the top of it's game."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Burnout, Politics, benefits, work life balance is nonexistent"

Current Employee - Engineering says

"No direction or execution. Too many old-timers still hanging around doing nothing but cashing huge pay-checks and adding no value. Lots of "in-fighting" , as another person stated "who will back-stab you and throw you under the bus next". Way too much debt with large loans looming. Take a look at the Q2 financials. When the loans come due there won't be money to pay them. Goodbye Avid as it will then be sold off in pieces."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In February 2018, the CEO was terminated for workplace misconduct. However, many of the people who enabled him are still in c-suite and board positions. The fish rots from the head down, as they say. The culture is beyond toxic. There is very little praise, fractured teamwork, incompetent leaders and open confrontation across titles. Some VPs go out of their way to pit teams against each other. It’s very difficult to perform well when you constantly wonder which bus you’ll be thrown under and who is supposedly out to get you. Overall, there is poor planning and execution. Marketing plans are fuzzy at best. Despite implementing marketing briefs, campaigns are not organized properly, and are largely forgotten about once they’ve run. KPIs are also not set and thanks to old, disparate databases, gathering and analyzing customer data is next to impossible. There is no SEO strategy, too many domains and automation is merely a dream. When I joined, 63% of the workforce was new. That rate has only increased."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unethical C-Suite, impossible to get work done, as the systems are broken. The former CEO has ruined the company. Employees are scared. Health insurance is lousy."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Old CEO got fired for sexually harassing an employee A crisis of leadership and direction within the Marketing department Demoralizing culture, high demand with very little praise, poor teamwork and open confrontation with coworkers Very few promotions from within the company - no career opportunity Marketing teams do not work together, never on the same page, poor planning, and execution Too many Marketing Directors, hard to make decisions, no agility Too many #1 priorities (should only have 1) no strategy or plan to achieve priorities Poor data makes it difficult to segment customer lists and get accurate insights No SEO strategy - website, store, blogs, stories, and community sites are all on different domains The website is outdated and very rigid, limiting what changes can be made without involving IT Zero measurements or analysis of campaigns, once it runs, it is forgotten High employee turnover, many open positions - seem to hire whoever applies for the job, not always the best candidates"

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"Board chose current nice-guy CEO after last CEO was fired for "misconduct". The new CEO has been at Avid for more than five years though and supported last CEO the entire time. He presided as the head of Sales and Marketing over the Avid's largest and most accelerated decline in sales. Rest of the the executive team (CPO, CLO) and middle-management have all been there forever and don't know how to reverse the decline. I anticipate more layoffs as they try to stop the bleed."

Former Employee - Customer Support Expert says

"Layoffs of good people continue."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No commitment to investing in product innovation / excellence Financially shaping the business the cost cutting measures and lack of investment Unrealistic goals and complete lack of accountability other than the sales team Terrible culture with no development opportunities for employees Recent positive reviews are not real so do your homework before considering joining Avid"

Night Auditor (Former Employee) says

"My first paycheck was close to $150 incorrect, close to 12 hours short. I was originally given the run around and blown off. Of course I recommend not working here, but if you do, keep up with your hours very, very carefully. I work the worst schedule, every Friday and Saturday night and I work at two different hotels. Confusion! Once they posted two different schedules at each hotel! Don't say you have any experience because you won't get any training. Can't think of anyIncorrect pay, work every weekend, work at two separate properties"

Tutor - College Readiness Program (Former Employee) says

"No support from teachers/management. They expect you to work several hours in the morning, leave (no lunch paid) and then come back in the afternoon. Absolutely no benefits.Working with childrenHours (lack thereof)"

Director - Pre-Sales Engineering & Customer Success, Americas (Former Employee) says

"Many of the people there are great, but the management is constantly changing direction. I have heard it has improved some since I left. The new CEO is a great guy and he is trying to turn it around, but work environments like that are very hard to change."

Regioanl Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Cette société est une belle entreprise dans son domaine. Le problème c'est la rentabilité demandée. Des forecast toujours plus élevés et une linéarité à respecter.Salairel'humain"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work consisted of constructing plans, people interface, and organizing plans. My co-workers were professional and easy-goiong. The hardest part of the job was there never seemed to be enough time to get everything done, but I enjoyed it so much it wasn't a sacrifice to stay late or come in early."

Principal Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A typical daily work is 15 minutes scrum meeting in the morning, working, etc.. What I have learn is the company continues to head downward even with the new CEO. The new CEO seems nice and straightforward, but the business still trending to head south. The company did not have much culture in the past and average of 2 round of layoffs per year. Not a typical company you want to work for if you want to learn new technologies.Nice colleaguesLack of new technologies"

Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"As a recruiter every time I meet with a manager they wanted to know if I had heard about openings outside of the company for them. Everyone seemed to want out of the company. None of the new software was ever delivered as promised or on time. Didn't want to pay for quality engineers or support.good line managersBad executive management"

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"Avid is a difficult place to work over the last several years. The company is trying to totally change how we deliver our products which is causing a lot of churn internally."

Tutor (Former Employee) says

"-hard work -middle of nowhere -good temporary job in college if you really need the money -wouldn't recommend it -was in a toxic work environment -children are very much in need and was difficult due to negative work environment at the school I was zoned at -not the best place to work at by any means, even if you really need a job"

Tutor at Park Hill South (Former Employee) says

"It was interesting to be involved in the tutoring sessions, but it was nearly a volunteer position based on the time I needed to be there. It was a situation where they wanted a qualified candidate, but really only for a few hours a week."

Tutor (Former Employee) says

"I would help high school children with there homework serving as an aid to the acting teacher in the room. Most students did not really want my help, and the ones that did had a hard time hearing me in the noisy room.it offered experience teachinglow pay, few hours"

Tutor (Former Employee) says

"AVID is a school program for teenagers looking for more academic rigor. It helps them work together and find ways to synthesize the information that they are studying."

AVID Tutor (Current Employee) says

"I am only able to work when school is in session and I currently only work 3 days per week for 2 hours each day. This job will not support you if you are living on your own. On the other hand, I have learned how to get down to a one-on-one level with children. I believe the hardest thing about this job besides the pay and hours are leaving these young adults, for summer or if they are graduating 8th grade. The most enjoyable part of this job is seeing these young adults mature and grow, sharing experiences, and having connections that you will have forever.Connections and experiences with young adults.Pay and hours"

Site Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Avid was an extra-curriculum activity that I served on that helped promote college preparedness. We implemented college prep strategies throughout the school to promote an environment of scholars."

Tutor and Odessa High School (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the experience of educating and leadership of high school students. This job prepared me for future job opportunities that require multitasking, communication and professional behavior."

Business Education Teacher/Math Teacher (Former Employee) says

"This is an ok place to work. The money that you work for is way too low but at least they don't micromanage you to death. I would recommend to people really needing a job."

Technical Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They offer great salary and benefits. And they have extracurricular activities too like engaging to sports. They also provide fruits everyday for their employees."

Tutor (Current Employee) says

"As an AVID tutor for the past six years I can say that I enjoy this job as practice for my pursuit of a teaching credential. Given that this job is seasonal and is based on the school schedule and the AVID program's individual schedule, the hours vary per month and there is no work between June and early September. Days are broken into two different styles. One day there is grading of students binders for organization and quality of notes. This is to ensure that students are learning good note-taking and study habits before they enter high school and/or college. Other days there are tutorials, in which as a tutor I am responsible for facilitating tutorial groups of 7 students in any academic subject that they need assistance with. Students use an inquiry process to present and uncover the answer to their questions. From my experience the AVID program is wonderful at helping students enter college who may not normally pursue higher education due to several factors (first generation college student, poverty, lack of academic achievement, etc.). This program is valuable for first generation college students such as myself. My only negative comment is that the hours are not as consistent as other part-time jobs. The seasonal work and the changes in schedule hours due to the school schedule makes it so that a second job is needed for those in college who need to save money.helping studentsno healthcare, no paid leave, inconsistent hours"

Tutor (Former Employee) says

"Teachers cancelled work days without notice. Employees arrived for a regular scheduled work day, and then were told that work was cancelled. Teachers did not schedule their activities ahead of time, in order to give employees a timely cancellation. Employees did not always work the maximum amount of work hours that they could as part time employees.Relaxed environmentPart-time, little pay, mismanagement, Pto"

Field Marketing Executive (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work. Amazing people in the Dubai office. Diverse team across the globe.great medical coverage"

G Schofield says

"Impossible to contact tech support/customer service so can’t find any way to register my Sibelius 6 onto my new computer. Terrible. Do not buy from Avid"

John Nielsen says

"Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Subscribed to Pro Tools several months ago but was unable to install the software on my laptop. Paid an extra $40 to get AVID help, which did not happen. Impossible to reach live people by phone and Chat Help service has been disconnected. Nothing on the website about how to cancel subscriptions. Five attempts to do so have been unsuccessful. As a result I have now paid nearly $140 and received nothing in return. I am not a lawyer but it feels like fraud. Doubly frustrating because Pro Tools is an excellent mixing program. Beware."

Anders Steen Hansen says

"I bought a S1 + Dock which is over 3000 dollars in Europe. The software caused Logic Pro to crash, so I needed support to get it to work..

I never received the service number I needed to get trough to phone support, which should have been sent automatically. I finally generated the necessary number myself and spent 18 minutes with a guy, who just had to start the case. I never got a callback from support and received an email from support 1,5 month after I wrote to them.

I returned the brand new products and will never be dealing with Avid again.

Expensive products and terrible customer service is not something I can support.."

Henrik Simon Simonsen says

"I can't get in touch with the support, I bought Sibelius ultimate, it is registred as aktive in my products, but I am still at trial version. I have somehow to stop payment at once since im I 10 days not are allowed to use the program.
No online support, no emailadresses, no help on the telephone.

Beni Medina says

"What a disappointment, it is truly a shame, after so many years working professionally with avid products, and I have seen how they have declined technically and in market politics, I think I will soon go to logic pro"

josh gold says

"i am a full time producer and engineer. i paid for the pro tools update and support plan. i encountered issues with the cloud service (for which i also pay). i have clients awaiting a resolution of this issue in order to complete their projects.
i submitted a support ticket almost 2 weeks ago. i followed up daily to see if anyone could assist. the first tech i was able to contact simply concluded "i guess it doesn't work so well." he was unable to run pro tools on his system to troubleshoot. the next 2 techs i was able to get in touch with were also unable to run pro tools on their systems. no one has followed up on my support ticket. i have only gotten in touch with someone by re-calling and going through the process all over again... the response is always "you reached someone not in the pro tools department; i'll pass your info along to a pro tools technician."
this is beyond "bad customer service." this is theft."

Matthew Fordham says

"I have recently found out that I'm unable to use ProTools because the subscription I'm paying for has expired. Yes, that's right...the subscription I'm paying for has expired according to them; I have been charged for a product I cannot use and will continue to be charged for it until they fix the problem. Thats assuming I can even get in touch with them.

I'm extremely angry as I can't even make a case or chat with a human. This is made extremely difficult by their confusing website that leaves you going round in circles for hours on end.


Phil says

"Absolutely terrible service with no avenues of help without having to pay for it.
Their subscription system is so broken (at this stage I assume purely for them to rake in more money) getting even the most basic information is impossible.
Simply wanting to change from an educational licence to a full one is impossible via the site and if not done within 30 days, requires (I get the impression anyway) repurchasing the software. Unfortunately there is no way to contact avid to clarify this process without paying as they offer absolutely no support for free.
Avid do not care one bit about their customers, and they make it very clear."


"Worst customer service I have ever received they have deceived me and I had to contact them 5 different times to hear a response. It took them 3 weeks to respond and they were 0 help. They took unauthorised purchases even though I pay for a full license."

E E says

"One of the worst companies for customer service. Ethically unviable. Their customer service is almost none existent, they are slow and difficult to access. They put most of the labour onto the customer which is incredibly selfish. If the board and CEO of avid go home with any sense of pride then they are clearly deluded, sad individuals.

If the audio industry had any moral compass at all they would actively denounce Avid.

Utterly slow and ineffective user support.

Pro tools is not even an top tier DAW.


m s says

"Bought a new desktop pc with windows 10 and enough memory and ram to speed up my recording process on protools. I've used protools 10 for many years without a problem. The last 24 hours have been a nightmare. Can't use my protools on my new computer. Tried reaching out to AVID customer support, and they have an automated message that continuously goes on and on with no real solutions. Tried going online and accessing support by logging into my avid account, but their website keeps saying cookies are blocked and I would need to allow them in order to proceed. So I click the area on their site to enable cookies, and the site just refreshes and here we go all over again. The overall experience has been enough for me to not even want to use protools any longer."

Simon Austin says

"HORRIBLY MISLEADING. "Get one year of Pro Tools for just $39 CDN" --- Billed monthly. NOWHERE at any time of purchase did it say this meant a total a $468 A YEAR. AND YOU CAN'T REVOKE IT. ONCE THEY'VE GOTCHU THEY GOT YOU!"

Dr Bob says

"They're just not interested in supporting or helping customers. Pro Tools appears to be expensive rubbish.
Avoid at all costs!"

David Harris says

"Absolutely awful. These programs aren't cheap and when I contact customer support (and absolutely arduous task) I don't expect to simply be refused any hep. Pathetic!"

KD77 says

"There is no support for imac protools duet for mac catalina. I had a one year subscription Pro Tools but I can not use it any more because drivers are not available for above. Avid technoligy contact center does not care. They only say downgrade your macbook os ... almost impossible..
I had to buy an other interface.

Now my subscription has ended and I like to buy one month more (my son is studying pro tools and needs one month to complete his study) i made a mistake by buying a annual year subscription (monthly paying) instead of one only month.
Avid is a company that does not care how they make money, they will not cancel my mistaken subscription, so I have to pay euro 34 each month for a year."

Richard Felton says

"They get 1 star because you have to give them one. They have no one to talk to to cancel anything. You have to do it online, and they NEVER answer your online comments. WORST SHAME COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!"

Emyasg says

"No costumer service at all, they cancel all of your cases when you have a problem. They make it seems like they have a monthly subscription plan but it's a whole year subscription and you end up having to pay for the whole year when you only needed a month. Product doesn't work on any computers I've tried. For like the 10000 times i've tried to open a chat with them and it's been cancel because "no agents are present to talk"

Just hire people for God's sake. And please offer a decent customer service."

Toby Comeau says

"Very difficult to navigate. Extremely complicated and unclear. I am paying monthly for Siblelius but I can't currently access it because of the excessive hoops to jump through - the system is glitched and taking me round in circles. If I'm paying for Sibelius, why should I be denied the access to Sibelius because of Avid's loopholes? They make it nearly impossible for me to achieve access to Sibelius or to ask for my money back, as contacting them requires hours and days of dedication and waiting. Really poor service. I don't understand why this is a business. I just want to use Sibelius."

Ion Hirotani says

"I've been held on customer support line all day today. It's 5:30 and still only recording.

I bought the ticket and this is what you get.. nothing. No answer. When you absolutely need it.


After the day, about 8pm I received an email from the support that they will help me by remote accessing my desktop.
The technician was actually brilliant, quick and knowledgeable and professional.
I had to delay some things and did after hours work but my deadline was somehow met.
It might be good for your health of your mind that they will respond eventually and once they did, their support technician is really good.
They started to put some note on the account page about support phone is having issues.
But from this experience, I am not expecting much for their phone support anymore. It's better for my health that their phone support does not exist.

So thanks to the support technician I updated my rating to 3 stars instead of 1 when I wrote it while I was waiting.

So please be careful when you start using them, make sure you have plenty of time to test it out."

you're somehow connected says

"I just was helped by Avid customer care. They did a take over of my screen, because I could not get my license accepted through their normal instructions, after I updated my Sibelius program. It took me a lot of work to try out many different ways of solving the problem, while being in email dialogue with the Avid support. After ten days of trying different ways to make it work, we made an agreement to have one of the people (Ned) on their support team to do a take over my computer. After 30 minutes he fixed the problem (and answered 3 other questions I had according to Avid and Sibelius). Their installation processes is way too complicated. But their support team has been very helpful, professional and supportive. Though the process was quite too complicated, but it does not seem to be the fault of the people in the support, more in the system of Avid."

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